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We here the slogan and tagline so many times from so many companies.

The pitch is always travel the beaches of the world by becoming a top producer and leader in your business.

The marketing department plays probably the most important role in the operations of a company. The company may produce good products, but the marketing department will be responsible for the rate of consumption of the goods and services – and that is the same motto and strategy Empower Network and WorldVentures utilizes too.

The strategies employed in the marketing of your brand will determine the success of your company. One of the strategies that will potentially boost your sales is direct marketing.

We see this growing in the social media marketing and travel agency industries as well.

What is Direct Marketing?

empower network marketingIt refers to the business of dealing with the consumer in the sale of your products and services, rather than using retailers.

If you decide to use this strategy to market your products and services, you will forget about paying for adverts on television, on the Internet or radio. Therefore, you will essentially eliminate the middleman in your marketing equation.

If you want to test a new market, there is a cheaper way to explore it. Instead of diving into the expensive advertising that could result in huge losses anyway, consider reaching your target market to interact with the prospective customers.

It will be fast, cost-effective and will leave you with a convinced certitude of definite success. WorldVentures and other marketing avenues give you the opportunity to exploit the benefits of digital marketing which are not going away anytime soon.

How Direct Response Marketing Works for Traveling Companies

The most common strategies for direct marketing are:

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the oldest form of direct, targeted marketing. It dates back to 1732 when Benjamin Franklin used direct mail to sell Poor Richard’s Almanac to America’s colonies. Direct mail makes it easy for marketers to send product information to prospective buyers, who enjoy shopping at their convenience.

A good direct mail has these components:

• Envelop will carry your enclosed message, addressed to your prospective buyer.
• A well-structured sales letter that addresses the reader. You must write an attention grabbing first paragraph.
• Flier will complement your mail. It lists the products and services on offer.
• Include a reply card. Encourage the customer to give feedback.

In Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 Statistical Fact Book, 80% of consumers respond to direct mail, compared to 45% who respond to email.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone Marketing enables you to call your prospects and tell them of your products and services. You can also provide a toll-free number for them to call. However, the effectiveness of outbound telemarketing depends on whether; you have the permission of the prospect to call them, your product is desirable, you are skilled and your ability to listen carefully and answer questions.

Direct Response Advertising

This is a promotional strategy where you urge a prospective buyer to respond fast, directly to the advertiser through such means as:

• Mailing a coupon
• Business’ reply card
• Toll-free number or
• A hotspot to join

Internet Marketing

This is the newest form of direct marketing. Companies that integrate offline advertising and digital marketing are likely to grow in sales. You can provide an offline device with a QR code that redirects prospective customers to a website. There are also business profiles that leverage professional direct marketing experts in order to assist them with their direct response marketing campaigns and digital advertising methods.

Social media has also become a powerful tool in marketing. Twitter, with its limiting 140 character per tweet, lets you write descriptive headlines. You can also use Facebook, which has over 1 billion users. Youtube and LinkedIn are also efficient.

Direct form of marketing provides the best way to reach and maintain customers. Its success will depend on how best you identify your business’ needs, target product promotion or which time of the year you employ it. Therefore, before choosing between the traditional and digital forms of direct marketing, you need to know your business inside and out before pursuing the best marketing options available.

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